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changing over to myspace [Feb. 28th, 2007|04:13 pm]
yeah so i've changed over to using myspace now cause it's got better stuff haha i dont 'know i guess it's easier to manage than livejournal but it's been good using lj all the same so yeah umm if u don't have my myspace and want it just go to -


so i'll c u there or maybe not i don't know anyways yeah :)
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eating up all thats left in the cupboards [Mar. 22nd, 2006|01:26 pm]
hmm i thought i would take this fine opportunity to write for you all a short song it's called

and it goes a little bit like this :)

student guild student guild
why do u take all my money
you leave me with nothing but crumbs in the cupboard
why do you rape all our bank accounts

student guild student guild
my dinner didnt' happen last two nights
you took all my munie
the jokes really not funnie

student guild student guild
you know something

hmm yeah yeha i know i know it's just too good lol err or maybe not n e ways lol seriously though it's taken us ages to get money for food lately i mean corinnas mum even said that i looked a lot skinnier than i usually doo lol hmm i guess all thats left on me was bare skin and bone but hey u know i hear thats a really popular look with the darker types hmm

perspectives are a really odd thing depending on how or where or even who you associate with it always has a slant on your perstpective i mean before i got with corinna i didnt' even really think at all about gotichs and non gothics i mean i kinda had myself figured as though i was sorta a fence sitting darker christian whtever person but u know it's really wierd haha in the hend i gues i just preferred to not think about that kinda stuff um i could really just delet that last paragraph considering it didn't make a dime of sence and i just wrote it less than a few seconds abgo lol how stupid but hey u know it's all part of the entry so i'll keep it in here now umm

oh yeah just thought i'd mention if john ever reads this that the cheap dave project well it was shown to a really big toowoomba film business and this buisness even sources work from sydeny and everywhere and turns out that the owner of this company really liked the idea of it too hehe so u know i'm just saying if we still wanna do this shit there is a solid market out there u know i mean it's not just uni people who would want to see this but lots of people n e ways

that's about all for now ps... i really wish i could find a jeanie and rub his u know lamp oh and this isn' tsecret code for *murrays coming out of the closet* it's just u know i'm poor and need money sigh sigh sigh maybe i could kill someone or like go into thief mode and steal hmm

n e ways this is what happens when ur locked up in a house all day long .....

ps my moral right now is killed
later all
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yeah the new year begins [Jan. 4th, 2006|06:48 pm]
[mood |awake]
[music |sweet sound of love]

and with it so did an almost disaster lol my brother introduced to live journal lol and all the goodness that goes with it yeah n e ways so i guess everyone figured he was being a silly person doing the whole self punishment thing actualy i would put a fortune on it that no one had a clue well whatever n e ways so today was so enjoyable :) *ps i'm not on n e ones side and after a lot of tears nor is my brother yeah so after a long firm talk with him about these sorts of issues i think he has more of an understanding about what he wrote and how not everyone sees it the way he thought they would* but moving back on to things again well anothe rFUCKER didn't give us a property again so we're still houseless and still looking dammit all lol hmm gonna try and sign up with some rental places so we get called up if they find anything suitable for us really soon like almost NOW haha ok my eyes are fragged
yup yup
really sore and hurting sigh .... fucking laptop put this here
and weeping etc
and ... there is always room for one last and ... lol hehe umm my computer is dead sigh so no music etc ... no porn hahaha that's a joke lol but n e ways yeah another smart family joke lol and no umm no whatever else the fuck this stupid computer of mine thats broke can do ... i miss u mr computer i miss u

and i get the feeling this fuckin laptop is on it's way out to the DEAD PC pile too
yeah once i get into a house eventually i can't wait to feel free again i'll be able to work out more get more money to get a pc working so i can work out to good music too i can just relax more and hmm sleep better :).

yeah it's cool i think i have my best friend back again and so i'm just HAPPY :) lol i love u john ur my number one brother .. er just to clarify ... I DON'T FUCK BROTHERS lol like my silly brother so suggested...
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Hmm looks like it could be a fun dai [Dec. 24th, 2005|10:06 am]
yeah so i didn't write much lately cause i spose not much to say lol i'm still getting kicked out of home though i love the way my parents try to justify it as .. "we're not kicking you out you're deciding to leave because you want to continue to have a relationship with corinna"... WELL lets see FUCK U fuck U fuck U and your cool and FUCK YOU stupid parents some times and whats more annoying at the same time as i hate them for being so fucking blind i still love them and wish that corinna would like the good in them like i do and she is now which is cool but yeah i know dad doesn't see things right all the time but there are some things about him that i do love other than just the fact he is myu dad i mean like he does look out for me a bit and care enough to help offering the occasional lift to town but never timely always when it suits him usualy but still a lifts a lift lol some times i feel bad because i try to justify that there are some good points about him when he is doign so many stupid things at the moment lol i like the way i said stupid it represents FUCKING SHIT but i didn't have to say that ... erm although i did just say it then but n e ways no ones perfect

so i'm kinda online now waiting for someone fun to come online lol and talk to me haha why is it so boring on here sigh no ones on hmm well we put house apps in at two different places now ones for a 2 bedroom unit near uni perfect for me and corinna the other one is a 3 bedroom unit not near uni but really nice looking etc hmm i think corinna wants the 2 bedroom one but yeah i'm easy either way :)

just to say it GTA 3 SAN ANDREAS is FREAKING AMAZING lol i got it the other week about the start of this week actualy or the end of last n e ways it's so amazing lol you can do an endless ammount of things it's got some really clever pure interaction i wish i could program 3d better to make stuff like that.

oh oh for n e one who does multimedia like me lol word on the street is that macromedia (the producers of both director and flash) are going to be canning the director production line next year which means .... FLASH will be able to do 3D plus all the freaking amazing stuff it already does lol how cool i so can't wait it's only a short time before we can make some really cool and entertaining and hopefully money earning cool software without super dupa wtf lol programing knowledge i hope

hmm looking foward to getting to use these cool date cards we found in a store the other day lol it's all looking really entertaining lol u got some paris of cards like go fish lol and you have to collect a whole set of one type of card and once you have a set of one card then you get to store them out in front of you and at the end of the game whatever sets you have either ... kiss me quick... massage a body part begining with the letter ___ etc one of them then you get to use them how you want on the other players lol so it's really fun hahaha i hope lol well i'm looking foward to it cause i havn't hung out with friends in ages mind u...... hmm i don't thinkn i have many friends who would play such a game but yeah hahahaha it looks like so much fun haha i love games wh3ere you can occumulate stuff and then just spend it at your own will and enjoy the benifits lol i've really started to like that whole saving up and then spending thing :)

hmm well seems that j may be hanging out with some of us again which is good i am looking foward to all of that i hope its ok and things work there i mean it is really got to be a cool new year if the groupies could be back together again and then progress on all side projects really take a boost fowards speaking of going fowards i failed another unit lol cause i didn't givafuck about handing in the last assignment stupid manufacturing culture lol i think next year if i do it again i'll attend classes more lol :p usualy helps ... SO i am ToLD lol

well i dare say that sumerschool hasn't started yet considering it's christmas tomorrow i dont' really think i'm that excited about christmas maybe cause all my presents i already have gotten lol but yeah hahaha also i know that it's soon my parents are kicking me out so n e thing they give me has started to mean less cause of the way they are turning their backs on me i dunno but thats just how it's starting to make me feel i still love them and want to do best for them but it hurts to know i'm noot accepted by them n e ways i don't care i'm happier with the trade off something new for somethign old lol only place u normally do that is at a swap meet lol ok enough crazy talk i got to be going now haha u know whats funny though as my final thing to say i realise how often when i type in here i start off with a well.... statement hahaha just look at the damn things everywhere lol how stupid hahah ok i'm done
bai bai
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tummie [Dec. 5th, 2005|05:35 pm]
my tummie is still hurting even more than before in ways ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRr it hurts dammit i hate this i tried all i could to avoid the next stage in the fucked up bloating process and i still get that fucking awful feeling i wasn't quick enough to do something about it so i guess i'll prolly end up spending all tonight throwing up and crushing my internal organs sigh i frikn HATE throwing up i feel sick fuck :( i want to cry i wish corinna was here sigh this sucks fuck...
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having a blast [Dec. 5th, 2005|04:46 pm]
frikn tummie yeah this is the last entry in here for a while maybe i dunno yeah well seems me and corinna are taking a break for a bit i think it's positive by break i do mean break from seeing eachother and stuff u know how it is hmm well prolly not cause u wernt' there when we talked about it but yeah we both need time to get our selves back together lol we've fallen apart into these frikn things that have almost no identity of what they use to be and stuff and i need to get over the loss of friends and start to pay attention to the ones i still have and basically focus on the things i use to focus on before i was in a relatinoship hmm yeah i'm really just saying this so i can look on here and go yeah thata what i'm doing if i get lost and loose my way
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The beauty of a MAC [Nov. 22nd, 2005|09:16 am]
let me say that's sarcasm whatever the spelling for that word may be and its' like i mac and internet so don't go together still waiting and i have been waiting for the frikn hotmail to load so i can sign the fuck in and check my mail and then i'm waiting for like msn to work smoothly little piece of so and so and yeah u know how it is hmm i really have realised lately how i don't have that urge for the net like i use to i think it's got something to do with the fact that i found something i was looking for or whatever.

mind you insomnia is a problem but it's not as bad as i thought it would be aff k hmm oh yeah so today oh oh wait wait lol lots has happened i am getting reasonably frequent work with some construction company called Stewarts they are cool they pay me like 17.60 an hour and stuff. hmm on the side i get one day a week at the church site for 120 for the day too so i got munies umm currently planning to move out of home and are looking for a rental place but yeah.

went to dremworld lately hmm it was okish but u know it's been more fun other times kinda missed cool people form being there and all but yeah no it was ok me and jonno lithko made a better stronger friendship again so thats a cool bonus well i'm just pissed off now at hotmail on this mac and my fucking finger really hurts cause of stuff

this guy there from india week as shit not that i like to pay out weak people but realy when they hurt me for their weakness thats just pushing it i mean full on this guy couldnt' push a 5/7 full wheelbarrow of gear fowards properly without it tipping then it itps onto my finger and crushes it into the griound FAG
and like after that the concrete was setting off and i'm like just slice it with ur shovel like i will show u and poor water on it
so i get in there and cute the whole lot up as a normal labourrer would and then i bucket heaps of water onto it and cute it again with the shovel ... cutting is just chopping it up like puttin glines through it so water seeps in deep down and then crosshatching it so that you get a stronger mix of the water

then this guy is like standing above the shovel not u know legs apart but to gether and just pushing downwards with some shit power that didn't make it mor than 3 inches into the pile of concrete then he does only one cut every 3 seconds and then lol he gets the water and it's like he felt he was being artistic with it and all the rest of us are just looking at this sick shit happening going WHAT THE FUCK i mrean really lol it was just madness i dont' think he hopes to be a labourer for the rest of his life.

hmm n e ways he did heaps of things like that all today really crappy stuff always puting others at risk over his poor work ethic and the usual me redoing his owrk lol hmm yeah i notice i complain a lot more lately i think i'm just tired a lot tired which is why i am taking the day off work tomorrow so i can be with miss kitten corinna and stuff yeah lol ti'll be a buying day thingy then and stuff hmm well i'm rambling on her ea lot too much oh i heard a good friend is moving away next year to bris gotta love it how i never get told this shit yeah they need just a little more time enough time so they don't fuckign live here n e more and will never have to see me again FUCK THAT ok no more grumps from me now lol i'm off to oh i really want chocolate no i'm off lines now lol yeah
bia bai
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ironys siometghiubng sad;lkjfsda;l [Oct. 26th, 2005|11:04 am]
yeah so i messed up the title lol i seem to do that a lot n e ways i guess i spealt the first word wrong so whats the point of writing any more words if thhe first one is wrong stupid typos lol n e ways hmm not what i was writing about well umm lets me see today i got up and had a ver VERY sucessful workout lol it's really a odd feeling to work out when u got people watching u do this sort of thing hmm yeah oh i missed mentioning that corinna stayed at my house last night lol of cause in a different room lol geeze u know some guys phgone just went off and it fully sounded likke my phone when dad calls lol hmm dad calling lol thats a funny story haha umm no so moving on from there

ok i onw that was kinda wierd just before but who cares hmm i guess i do but so what lol i'm alloud to geeze talking about bad for getting distracted lol hmm well the whole groupie thing is FUCKED and i don't mean to say that lightly i mean my brother has gone all messed up and kira is now changing work jobs and is just being wierd and not tlking to A n e more and then jnno is the usual lol i gu3ess some thigns are the same always and then mark is feeling the brunt of it all with his assignments and becomeing a really serious critical whatever and A feels all rejected of that but hey i love waking up coming to uni only to be told i'm a boring wierdo every day too lol poor thing hmm n e ways so then u got all that happening and tony is just quiet and off prolly trying to figure a way to bone his new guitar he made and then u got the rest shannon being bonned by some guy whwatever and stuff hmm n e ways so that' all happening there then it's over the the fan club nah i dunno i'm kinda tlaking sarcastically i know that i even prolly just spealt that word wrong then but who cares lol i make lots of typos but this isn't some english exam hmm

well what else to say umm heading back to coriinnas house now to do her and my assignments and stuff and then umm yeah i dunno whate else then hmm i guess not that i want it to be all public but this is really MY FUCKING JOURNALK SO FUCK OFF EVERYONE but i guess i feel lately that it's like me and john have become totaly distanced now like i don't really ewven ever knew him sort of thing and yeah should that annoy me ... "we'll still be friends" YES IT FUCKING DOES khmm oh that was a quote again another wonderful falt in my awesome english profeciency exam here or whatever lol hmm and so yeah umm lots of conjunctions thaere whjatevel;kas;lkjsfd;lkjdfsa;ljk fds

new line

it seems that i dunno the flies go away form me more when i'm wearing white umm kinda random but hey thats a cool tip for u all if flies piss u off like the do me umm by u i mean me caus eno fuckers are reading this hmm i know i sound kinda mental i think it's prolly just my imagination n e ways this is me typing like regurti;lkas;lkj fds; regurgitat9ing my brain thoughts out onto the paper of the typing fucking thing stuff yeah i mean journal page umm brick wall i keep looking at the brick wall it kinda helps me to concerntrate my thoguhts more on what i'm typing a bit i guess hmm well i love LOVE my gouiguitar guitar sounding thing it's super cool lol i got the effects stuff happening and i really think corinna hates the stupid keyboard we own little fucker of a thing it is bing bing bing bing that's all the sounds it makes it's so pathetic hmm well i was inspired to keep writing shit now since i heard J's song on his site and stuff yeah it's makde me really push towards a new song idea i'm going to be working closely with corinna for writing up a album worth of songs about sky gazing u know when u lie on ur back put the headphones into ur ears and jujst escape away from it all to ur mind and u think about life and how blah everything is an dthe clouds pass u by and it gfeels like ur life is just this existance and no one really knows u but they can all see u sorta of thing well thats the kind of music i want to write just an album of that called something like the passerbyer or whatever i dunno n e ways yeah hmm well yeah

i'm out of material so yeah
bai bai
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yeah FUCK SHIT UP [Oct. 17th, 2005|01:28 pm]
yeah i guess i really like soulfly at the moment hmm i was just over at kori's new house and it's cool got to hear sum COMA they are kinda cool and all hmm i was at koris' yesterdayish and stuff and was looing through photos and things and saw some pics of john aww yeah sigh i kinda got a little tearie lol fucking woman i am at times n e ways yeah piss that off lol hmm yeah no so dads come around and accepts things how they are lol it's kind of funny i've moved into a relationship now the first one that has some acceptance from my parents and soem friends sigh i miss john heaps haha and NO I'm NOT GAY grrr but hahaha yeah i guess lol u dont' know what u got till it's lost and stuff hmm yeah well what to say umm if u read this mr john i gotta catch up some time so we can film this week sigh i'm gettin PH credit tomorrow so i'll KAl u then and stuff hahaha kinda odd *and yes i know it's not some frikn message board lol* but n e ways hmm well i'm happy ish some times kinda sick and whatever i dunno i guess i feel the sickness of wanting to get stuff rolling now i'm all settled into the new relationship thingy lol i'm not impacient ok so i am but who cares i'm alloud to be a bit like that maybe hmm well n e ways haha oh just to say lol it's realloy fun to type lots when u arn't even looking at the screen lol u get so much more inspiration for what ur talkking about and thigns mmm type it wrong thing hmm yeah

well now it's getting on the edge or verdge whatever of a long entry it's prolly time to bai;l hmm RAINY WEATHER lol and i'm wearing all this fuckign gay clothing whatevers and stuff hmm n e ways yeah well i guess i'll c john around some time hmm yeah oh i did notice something different about A recently too haha but tha'ts a story for another day lol hmmm *gotta hate sensoring out stuff in here sigh* oooh kaaahyh i spose it's time to go hehehe me and corinna are hanging out mroe now oooh i'm so open lol i actualy held her hand in public lol BIG STEP for me lol but haha yeah hmm i'm really shy about stuff but yeah oh well i like her a lot so it's all good ehh i worry
i do yes i do hmm lol n e ways
i get the feeling corinna wants to go somewhre haha the odd stroke on ur hand kinda obviuos LETS GET THE __ OUT OF HERE n e ways hahaha i say stuff way too much like swearing :( sigh i'm such a bad christian n e ways thats just one of those things i'll have to resolve later on for myself ok well other than that i think the entry updates kinda well and i'm still typing lol and she is sighing now like geeze lol ok stop murray stop urself u can do this lol wierd hmm yeah ahh ;lsadkjf ;sajoirtw o;isdlj;k sfdal;jk

ok ok eriuwe

just a small birst of obsessive compulsive there lol i think corinna brings that out stronger in me lol hmm well i hope to run into some peoples like i said 500000000000000000 times already and so yeah
bai bai
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yea [Oct. 12th, 2005|04:57 pm]
smiling in thier faces
while filling up the hole
so many dirty little places
in your filthy little worn out
broken down see through soul

baby's got a problem
tries so hard to hide
got to keep it on the surface
because everything else is dead on the other side

teeth in the necks of everyone you know
you can keep on sucking until the blood won't flow
when it starts to hurt it only helps it grow
taking all you need
(but not this time)
no, you don't

and just for the record
just so you know
I did not believe
that you could sink so low

you think that you can beat them
I know that you won't
you think you have everything
but no, you don't

no, you don't
no, you don't
no, you don't
no, you don't
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